ICW Urges Jokowi to Scrape Three KPK Leader's Candidates

Yogi Bayu Aji    •    Rabu, 02 Sep 2015 16:47 WIB
ICW Urges Jokowi to Scrape Three KPK Leader's Candidates
One candidate for the leaders of Anti-Corruption Commission interviewed by Selection Committee in Jakarta (Photo: MI / Ramdani)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Indonesia Corruption Watch urges President Joko Widodo to scrape off three out of eight candidates for the leaders of Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK), which was handed over by the Selection Committee. The three names are considered improper to become the leaders of the anti-corruption institution.

"The three people made it as we think that the selection committee of KPK Leaders Candidates has not yet comprehensively elaborated all the track records of the candidates, especially in the integrity and Ayi-corruption aspects, as well as the existence of KPK in the future," said the Coordinator of ICW Febri Hendri in a press statement received on Wednesday (9/2/2015).

From the eight names passed by the committee, ICW assessed there are still three inappropriate candidates, as they are questioned on their integrity, anti corruption commitment and their sidings on the existence of KPK. "The reason especially rises from the tracking and interview results held by the committee," explained Febri.

ICW did not mention the names of the candidates, however, they have the records of the statements during the interview, which were assessed as contradicting with the spirit of the anti corruption agency.

The three have also been tracked by the ICW. "Two candidates have unusual wealth. A candidate has a track record of publishing four dissenting opinion against corruption cases, as in essence stating that the defendants were not proven guilty. The four cases were finally received guilty verdicts by the Supreme Court," explained Febri.

ICW, said Febri, had asked the committee to clarify the public regarding the names who have been chosen. It is also related to the criteria used and the final score of each candidate who passed and did not pass.

Aside from that, ICW also urged President Jokowi to scrape three candidates who are questioned on their integrity, commitment and sidings with the existence of KPK. 
"ICW will soon deliver a letter to President Jokowi to not select the three names considered improper to lead KPK," concluded Febri.
On Tuesday, September 1, KPK's committee presented eight candidates for the leaders to President Jokowi. The committee divided the candidates who passed the selections in four competence category, which are the prevention; action; management; as well as supervision, coordination and monitoring.

The eight candidates are the Expert Staff of BIN Chief Saut Situmorang and public lawyer Surya Tjandra (prevention); Judge Ad Hoc of Central Jakarta Corruption Court Alexander Marwata and Widyaiswara Madya Sespimti Brigadier General (Pol) Basaria Panjaitan (action); Head of Government Procurement Policy Institution Agus Rahardjo and Director of the Directorate of Inter-Commission Cooperation Network Development Sujanarko (management); as well as the Acting Chief of KPK, Johan Budi SP and the academician at Hasanuddin University Laode Muhammad Syarif (Supervision, coordination and monitoring).