Raisa's Beauty Tips

Dwi Ayu Rochani    •    Rabu, 02 Sep 2015 17:40 WIB
Raisa's Beauty Tips
Raisa Andriana. (Photo: MTVN / Dwi Ayu R)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: As a singer, Raisa Andriana has to always look beautiful and stunning in various occasions. Raisa, who is naturally beautiful, does not want to appear with a dull face, especially when singing in front of her fans and music lovers.

The beauty of the rising star is charming not only to the males, but also females. She revealed the tips to take care of the facial skin to be healthy and flushed.

"Actually if you're young, the less powder usage will be better for the facial skin," said Raisa when met at an event, Pond's Inspiring Young Indonesian Females, in Pand'or, South Jakarta, Tuesday (9/1/2015).

In order to take care of the skin to be healthy, Raisa admitted that she does not have to do treatments at the beauty clinic. She only need to clean her face every day after her activities. 

"Not much of a treatment, moisturizer at night, sun block and moisturizer on daytime," she added.

According to Raisa, women needs to maintain their facial skin to look young and healthy. But it would be better if conducted naturally.

"If your face is healthy, you become more confident. If, for example our skin is good, it makes you more confident, it glows, the most important thing is to be confident in each appearance," she concluded.