Criminal Investigation Bureau Head, 5 Regional Police Chiefs Mutated

Githa Farahdina, Krisiandi    •    Jumat, 04 Sep 2015 12:49 WIB
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Criminal Investigation Bureau Head, 5 Regional Police Chiefs Mutated
Indonesia police headquarter (Photo: Media Indonesia), Jakarta: A secret telegram from the Police Chief related to the high ranking officers mutation in the police force was published.

The letter mentioned Head of Criminal Investigation Bureau, Commissioner General Budi Waseso traded place with the Head of National Anti-Narcotics Bureau (BNN), Commissioner General Anang Iskandar.

Aside from the criminal investigation head, the telegram with the number ST/1847/IX/2015, dated on September 3, 2015, also mentioned the shifting of five regional police chiefs, Bali Police, South Sulawesi Police, East Java Police, East Kalimantan Police, and North Sumatra Police.

Head of International Relation Division, Inspector General Sugeng Priyanto filled the position of Bali Police Chief left by Inspector General Ronny Frengky Sompie, who switched into civil servant at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. Ronny was recently inaugurated as the Director General of Immigration of the ministry.

Meanwhile, Inspector General Anton Setiadji, who headed the South Sulawesi Police, was rotated into becoming East Java Police Chief, to replace Inspector General Anas Yusuf, who was rotated to become the Governor of the Police Academy. Anton's Position was filled with the previous Police Academy Governor, Inspector General Pudji Hartanto.

Deputy Head of Security Maintenance Bureau, Inspector General Ngadino became the North Sumatra Police Chief. He traded positions with Inspector General Eko Hadi Sutedjo, who was appointed as the Deputy Head of Security Maintenance.

Deputy Head of the Police Security Intelligence, Inspector General Safarudin, fills the position of East Kalimantan Police left by Inspector General Andayono, as he entered his retirement.

The rotation was justified by the Head of General Information of the Police, Grand Commissioner Suharsono. "It will be explained by the Public Relations Division Head, at 09.00 WIB," said Suharsono when contacted on Friday (9/4/2015). In total, there are 24 rotations mentioned in the telegram.