Jokowi Different from the Presidents from the Elite

Mufti Sholih    •    Jumat, 04 Sep 2015 13:17 WIB
president joko widodo
<i>Jokowi Different from the Presidents from the Elite</i>
Presiden Joko Widodo while visiting Aceh (Photo: Antara), Jakarta: President Joko Widodo has no bad intention of inviting lower class residents to have lunch together with him. The president only wanted to refresh and build his energy.

"President has to maintain his heart, his emotion with the people. I personally see that the President grows his energy when meeting the people. So, it's some kind of re-energizing," said the Head of the Presidential Staff Office, Teten Masduki, at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jalan Veteran, Central Jakarta, Thursday (9/3/2015).

Teten admitted that Jokowi's steps are different from the presidents born from the elite. For Jokowi, a leader should mingle with his/her people, including in providing basic goods aids.

"It is different from the president born out of the elite. It is an example to be taken by others," Teten explained.

He added that by meeting the drivers, traders and business people, Jokowi wants to know about the current problems, as he conveys the solutions.

"So that the president really knows what to do," he affirmed.