Attorney General Answered on the Execution of Mary Jane

Renatha Swasty    •    Selasa, 08 Sep 2015 14:02 WIB
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Attorney General Answered on the Execution of Mary Jane
Attorney General HM Prasetyo. (Photo: MI / Mohamad Irfan), Jakarta: The Attorney General had executed dozens of death penalty convicts in two stages, but there are many who are awaiting for the execution date. When?

Attorney General HM Prasetyo has not been able to confirm the third stage of death executions, as currently they are focusing on guarding the developments.

"We are currently evaluating the death executions, we're preparing, and conducting detailed observations. We are now focusing on the development to be boosted even more," said Prasetyo at the Main Building of the Attorney General, South Jakarta, Tuesday (9/8/2015).

Following the establishment of the Guardian and Safety of the Development Regulators (P4 Team), Prasetyo said the orientation of the Attorney's office is more to the development. "Surely, it would be impossible for us to resolve several matters at the same time," he mentioned.

Previously, President Joko Widodo instructed for pro-people law enforcement. Not to let corruption eradication changed the regional governments and business owners to stop innovating. The Attorney General established the P4 Team to guard the development program and optimize the budget absorption.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General postponed the third stage of execution against Mary Jane and Sergei Atloui. The execution of Mary Jane was postponed as the Philippines police needed her statement on human trafficking, as Sergei went to conduct legal process.