Be careful with Blind Spots While Driving

M. Bagus Rachmanto    •    Selasa, 08 Sep 2015 14:11 WIB
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Be careful with Blind Spots While Driving
​Be careful with blind spots while driving. (Photo: Pagescswiscedu), Jakarta: We may have heard the term blind spots, which is an unseen area for any kind of vehicles, be it a car, motorcycle, bus or truck.

Boy Falatehansyah, the Instructor of Jakarta Defensive Driving Consulting (JDDC) said more than 200 people were killed every year due to the No Zone. 60 percent of the drivers involved in the crash admitted to fail at locating other vehicles.

"Blind spot is the vision area unreachable by the driver. The cause may be from the form of the vehicle, neighborhood, or traffic," said Boy when met some time ago.

"The blind spot also covers the intersection area, curves, housings, hill roads, building-dense area, roadside parkings, and other invisible areas surrounding the car.

“Blind spot ini juga meliputi area persimpangan, tikungan, perumahan, jalan berbukit, area padat bangunan, kendaraan yang parkir di bahu jalan, area berdebu, dan area sekeliling yang tidak terlihat lainnya,” lanjut Boy.

To anticipate the accident caused with that condition, always be extra careful and prepares for the worst situation possible when riding or driving. "Don't be too sure with the side mirror to look around the vehicle, as there is an area unreflexted from the mirror. Be sure to look around when looking at other vehicles.