Go-Jek & GrabBike Applications Have 2 Fatal Mistakes

Fauzan Hilal    •    Kamis, 10 Sep 2015 13:19 WIB
Go-Jek & GrabBike Applications Have 2 Fatal Mistakes
Gojek driver (Photo: Media Indonesia)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Despite being popular, the Go-Jek and GrabBike applications have weaknesses. The use of application was considered a fatal mistake, as if no powerful investors standing behind them, the application company may be bankrupt.

"Even though they're popular, we may see that this is a fatal mistake on the Go-Jek application and such. If there is no strong finding, maybe Go-Jek would not be as strong as today. Go-Jek should have made a system to avoid the drivers making fictitious passengers," said Indonesian Digital Marketing expert Anthony Leong, in a written statement, Wednesday (9/9/2015).
According to Anthony, the mistake of this application is not only providing the chance of drivers creating fictitious passengers, but also for the passengers as seeing the potential of free ojeg rides.
"System Go-Jek still has two flaws, from the driver and passenger's sides. From the passengers, they can always create new emails with new numbers to be registered, due to the reference system earning them Rp50,000 credits," Anthony said.
Previously, there has been publications that one of the tricks of application-based ojeg is to make fictitious orders. The rider pretended to become the passenger ordering the ride, which will later be received by him/herself.
The rider uses two cellphones with two applications in them. A cellphone was sent to make an order, whereas one to receive the order. Therefore, the rider will be recorded in the system that he had fulfilled the request, as reviews and ratings can also be manipulated by his own.