Ridwan Kamil Unable to Compete Against Ahok Yet

Wanda Indana    •    Selasa, 15 Sep 2015 15:09 WIB
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Ridwan Kamil Unable to Compete Against Ahok Yet
Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil at Asia Africa Conference in Bandung, West Java, April 24, 2015. (Photo: Antara / Widodo S Jusuf)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil, or known as Kang Emil, was loudly said to become the main competitor for Jakarta Governor Basuki 'Ahok' Tjahaja Purnama for the Jakarta Gubernatorial Election 2017. A member of Jakarta Regional Council (DPRD), Bestari Barus said that the chance of Kang Emil to win the election in 2017 is considered difficult.

"The chances are still heavy, Bandung is a small city, and he does have an achievement, but still unable to compete. But we respect that he wanted to step forward, until now Ahok is still strong," Bestari said to Metrotvnews.com, Monday (9/14/2015).

The Chairman of Nasdem Fraction admitted, the City of Bandung under the leadership of Kang Emil has progressed. However, it is not his time yet to lead Jakarta with its various complex problems. "Not yet, Ahok's chance is still very high. Currently the public still sees Ahok as a better and more earthly figure," he stated.

Gerindra Party and its coalition is to put up the Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil to compete in the 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election. The Chairman of Gerindra Regional Leaders in Jakarta, Muhammad Taufik said Ridwan's firm, courageous and clean from corruption figure will be a heavy contender for Ahok. Ridwan's performance in Bandung has become a benchmark of the success of his administration.

"For the name (of coalition party) could be PKS. Ridwan Kamil has become one of the names who understand metropolitan problems. We can see how Bandung is today. The performance is seen and can be felt by the public, even beyond Bandung citizens. Jakartans traveling to Bandung may feel it also," said Taufik on Tuesday, September 8.

However, Taufik affirmed that Gerindra will filter all the names. He said the new names coming up will be tested again on their competence under the name of democracy. "We will collect several names, like Sandiaga Uno, Sanusi, me, Muhammad Taufik, then it will be delivered in the Regional Leaders. Gerindra is very democratic. The names are just those in the surface, formal will be later," Taufik said.

Deputy Chairman of DPRD DKI said he is confident to overpower Ahok. He said his electability and several other candidates in politic is still better than Ahok.