No Indonesian Victims on Chile Quake

Fajar Nugraha    •    Kamis, 17 Sep 2015 23:21 WIB
No Indonesian Victims on Chile Quake
Chile resident gather after earthquake (Photo: AFP), Jakarta: The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ensured that there were no Indonesians becoming the victims of the Chile quake.

"As related to the quake, we have already confirmed. All Indonesians there which can be contacted, we have contacted," said the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Arrmanatha Nasir, at the Palapa Room of the Ministry, Thursday (9/17/2015).

"All Indonesian citizens there were contacted, except for one unreachable person. It is ensured that no Indonesian has become a victim," he continued.

Arrmanatha added there are 140 Indonesians in Chile. Generally, they are missionaries, household wives and professional workers.

Chile President Michelle Bachelet said, three were killed in an earthquake happening on Wednesday (9/16/2015) local time.

The 8.3 Richter Scale quake was the strongest that ever hit Chile within the past five years. In several cities, the quake triggered flood, as the citizens stayed outside of their homes in fear.

The epicentral was located around 232 kilometers from Santiago. Some buildings in the capital was reported to shook due to the tremor.

It is mentioned that "dangerous" tsunami may hit several coastlines in Chile, including one with the height reaching over three meters.

Tsunami might also happen in the waters of French Polynesia, Hawaii and California, as the smaller tsunami wave is expected to hit Japan and New Zealand.