Indonesian, US Foreign Ministers Officially Announced Jokowi's Visit to the US

Fajar Nugraha    •    Selasa, 22 Sep 2015 16:16 WIB
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Indonesian, US Foreign Ministers Officially Announced Jokowi's Visit to the US
Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi and John Kerry (Photo: KBRI Washington), Washington: Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi conducted a bilateral meeting with her U.S. counterpart, John Kerry, on September 21, 2015. Both ministers officially announced President Joko Widodo's visit to the States.
Not only on the visit, the meeting between the two ministers have also discussed the efforts of increasing Indonesia-US partnership.

"The escalation of Indonesia-US partnership which is more strategic displayed the priority and agenda of President Joko Widodo's 'Working Cabinet'," mentioned Minister Retno in a written statement of the Foreign Ministry, received by, Tuesday (9/22/2015).

The discussion of the future Indonesia-US partnership form will be reported to the respective head of states. Both ministers then officially announced the plan of President Joko Widodo's visit to the U.S., on October 26, 2015.

"I want to ensure Minister Kerry that the visit of President Jokowi to the States will provide the greatest benefits for the people's prosperity," said Retno.

Both ministers also produced the efforts of escalating economic cooperation, as well as other bilateral issues which become the interests of both nations.

"Aside from the cooperation in the field of economy, the relationship between Indonesia and US are also focused on maritime, defense and security cooperation, as well as democracy and pluralism," he continued.

In the bilateral meeting, both also discussed the cooperation in promoting tolerance and moderation in addressing various challenges of the global radicalism phenomenon. Especially, Indonesian FM brought up the importance of utilizing Indonesian mosque in Washington DC, as the center of pluralism.

Minister Kerry also underlined that Indonesia is a power house of tolerance and pluralism. In this matter, the U.S. FM conveyed that as the largest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia has an important role in tackling various radicalism and extremism in the world recently.

Aside from the bilateral meeting, Indonesian FM also conveyed a speech in the US-Indonesia Society (USINDO), as delivering the priority programs of Jokowi's administration to be concluded in the cooperation with the United States.

"In the future, cooperation between Indonesia-US is focused on the priority programs of Jokowi's Working Cabinet," said the former Indonesian Ambassador to the Netherlands.

US is the fourth largest trade partner for Indonesia, with the total trade of US$27.7 billion in 2014. In the investment sector, the US is placed in the sixth, with an investment value of US$1.3 billion. Meanwhile, the number of US tourist visits to Indonesia had reached 234,117 people in 2014.