Opened at Rp14,765/USD, Rupiah Weakening Eases

Ade Hapsari Lestarini    •    Selasa, 29 Sep 2015 16:37 WIB
Opened at Rp14,765/USD, Rupiah Weakening Eases
US Dolar and Indonesia Rupiah. (Photo: MI / Ramdani), Jakarta: Rupiah movement at the opening of trade this morning weakens, along with the global market slowdown supported by the Chinese industrial data.

Rupiah movement this morning was even close to breaching Rp14,800 per USD, whereas this morning, based on Yahoo Finance Data, Tuesday (9/29/2015), rupiah weakened to the position of Rp14,765 perUSD. However, the currency eases to Rp14,584.5 per USD. It then strengthened 26 points or 0.18 percent.

Similarly, rupiah based on Bloomberg data was opened at Rp14,715 per USD, as even nearing Rp14,600-ish per USD. At the moment, Garuda's currency stays at Rp14,719 per USD.

Quoting the research of Samuel Sekuritas, US dollar strengthened in Asia trade up to yesterday afternoon, but rupiah managed to avoid more pressure although the selling actions were seen both in the JCI or SUN-yield. SUN10y rose to 9.6 percent, as it widens the distance against UST10y to 750 bps.

"The announcement of the economic policy package part II by the government today has diverted slight attention from the worsening global condition, as if it is credible, the policy may increase the future growth expectation," continued the research.

Generally, US dollar will be strong again in Asia, as the commodity price slowdown will again pressure rupiah to weaken.


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