Indonesian Hajj Pilgrim Casualties Reaches 57

Mufti Sholih    •    Rabu, 30 Sep 2015 15:37 WIB
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Indonesian Hajj Pilgrim Casualties Reaches 57
An aerial view of the walk way leading to the pillars where pilgrims throw stone (center tents) on the 2nd day of, Jakarta: The number of Indonesian hajj pilgrims killed in the Mina tragedy has risen. So far, 57 members have been announced dead due to the incident.

As quoted from Antara, the Head of Mecca Work Region of the Hajj Committee (PPIH) 1436H/2015, Arsyad Hidayat said the number of identified Indonesians are still from the old body containers.

"Currently, there are still five containers still not opened, four of them were brought to Jeddah," he said during the update of Mina tragedy victims, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Wednesday (9/30/2015).

The victim's numbers have added by 11 from the previous 46. The 11th bodies were identified not only through their files at the Al Mu'ashim center, but also from the fingerprints, remembering that the conditions are worsening.

"We also tried to get into the DVI to track (dead pilgrims) through fingerprints, as now the condition, such as the face, has changed. Fingerprints are very helpful," Arsyad said.

The secretary of work region of Mecca, Nur Alia Fitria stated that 11 additional Indonesian pilgrims in Mina tragedy, mostly came from departure group 61 of Jakarta-Bekasi embarkation (JKS 61), eight from West Java, two from the departure group 14 from Batam (BTH 14), as well as one person from Makassar departure group 10 (UPG 10).

Here are the names of the 11 bodies identified:

1. Lilis Suryani Misbah Ijudin, JKS 61 passport number B0932986.
2. Otong Bastaman Sutisnamiharja, JKS 61 passport number B0932958.
3. Nana Hendiana Idi,  JKS 61 passport number A7917997.
4. Maemunah Dasa Sasmita, JKS 61 passport number B0733173.
5. Atang Gumawang Dede Herlan, JKS 61 passport number B0733175.
6. Karmah Padma Kertapraja, JKS 61 passport number B0745293.
7. Tuti Kuswarti Daman, JKS 61 passport number B1442338.
8. Iis Masriah Kastoni Mardo, JKS 61 passport number A7026769.
9. Ida Murtika Porie, BTH 14, passport number B1306300.
10. Suryati Sahran Ribut, BTH 14 passport number B1306350.
11. Nur Alam Iljas, UPG 10 passport number B0694654.


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