Fast Train Tender, JK: China is Stronger Than Japan

Bane Raja Manalu    •    Rabu, 30 Sep 2015 16:31 WIB
Fast Train Tender, JK: China is Stronger Than Japan
In this file photo taken on August 13, 2015, Indonesian models view scale models of Chinese-made bullet trains on exhibition at a shopping mall in Jakarta. (Photo: AFP / Bay Ismoyo), New York: The final result of the competition between Japan and China on the Jakarta-Bandung fast train project started is starting to be visible. Thanks to its aggressiveness in its approach, China is more likely to be the victor.

It was directly mentioned by Vice President Jusuf Kalla, following his meeting with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. The meeting took place at the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, USA, Tuesday (9/30/2015).

"China is stronger, as the meeting was between presidents," said JK.

The meeting between President Jokowi and President Xi Jinping that JK mentioned took place at the sidelines of the previous Asia Africa Summit 2015 in Bandung, last April. But the key factor is Japan's reluctance on the business to business cooperation between state owned companies or private sectors of both countries, as there is no blanked guarantee that Indonesia propose for the funding of Jakarta-Bandung train project to avoid state budget use.

"The project is purely business to business," stated JK.

Initially, the project's tender is for the bullet train project. But according to the Ministry of Transportation's study, what is considered perfect is the fast train, and based on that, President cancelled the Jakarta-Bandung bullet train project.

The tender was reopened for the fast train project, as it is handled by the Ministry of State Owned Companies. The important terms added is that there will be no blanked guarantee from the Indonesian government. Aside from that, the funding will use the cooperation scheme of business to business, in this case between the Indonesian State Owned Companies with private sectors from partner countries.

China applied the proposal to cover Jakarta-Bandung distance of 150 kilometers with a train reaching up to 200 km/h, while stopping at eight stations along the way.

While the Japanese proposal was the 350 km/h train, where only two stations will be the stop points, Jakarta and Bandung.

"The 200 km/h is more suitable compared to Japan's 350 km/h," mentioned JK.


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