Economic Policy Package II Gave Positive Sentiment for the Index

Dian Ihsan Siregar    •    Kamis, 01 Oct 2015 15:34 WIB
economic policy package
Economic Policy Package II Gave Positive Sentiment for the Index
A display shows trading figures at the Jakarta stock exchange on September 18, 2015.. (Foto: AFP / BAY ISMOYO), Jakarta: Director of PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) Tito Sulistio assessed the second economic policy package released by the government is good enough and positive. However, it should be accompanied by the realization of budget absorption in the infrastructure sector, which is still not implemented well.

"This is a positive point that we waited. But still awaits the government's realization in building the infrastructure, as in budget release," said Tito when met at the BEI Builing, Jakarta, Wednesday (9/30/2015).

He thinks that the second policy package has again rejuvenated the business world. Moreover, the policy package announced by Coordinating Minister of Economy, Darmin Nasution, has given positive sentiment to the performance of issuers in Indonesian stock market.

Moreover, Tito continued, there are lots of ways conducted by the government to invite positive sentiments to the index's performance, such as deposit tax reduction and investment licensing process cut.

Meanwhile, the member of Commission XI of the People's Representative Council, Mukhamad Misbakhun explained that the content of the package are very detailed and shows that the government wishes to integrate the overall economic policies, both fiscal and monetary.

"The final goal to be achieved surely is the implementation of the policy provides positive and significant impact to the real sector and business world, aside from reducing the pressure due to the declining rupiah currency against USD," he mentioned.

He also supports what has become the government's economic policy, as it was meant to reduce the pressure of declining rupiah exchange against USD on the economic growth.

"The policy to pull Foreign Exchange from Export (DHE) to domestic banks, should the exporters keep their funds in the Indonesian banking system, the tax for deposit interest which is current at 20 percent will be reduced to 5-10 percent, even to zero percent, where the tax incentives and interest depends on the time," he concluded.