Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train Project Hard to Realize

Meilikhah    •    Minggu, 04 Oct 2015 17:26 WIB
Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train Project Hard to Realize
This photo taken on August 13, 2015 shows an Indonesian visitor looking at scale models of Chinese-made bullet trains on exhibition at a shopping mall in Jakarta. (Photo: AFP / BAY ISMOYO)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Transportation Observer from Bandung Institute of Technology, Harun Al Rasyid Lubis, is pessimistic that the Jakarta-Bandung fast train project may be realized. He assessed that the government is only accepting project proposal without understanding what to do.

"This is the confusing part, government doesn't know what to do but they accepted it. There are various of proposals but no overview on what to do?" said Harun in a discussion in Menteng area, Central Jakarta, Saturday (10/3/2015).

The Civil Technic Doctor admitted to have conducted a survey related to the train project against Bandung citizens. Despite the funding came from Chinese and Indonesian consortium without using State Budget, he said Bandung residents are also pessimistic that the project can be realized.

"We have surveyed the small transportation modes, travel, including to the airport, whether it is possible a fast train with this kind of service. They answered that most likely not," mentioned Harun.

He then elaborated other problems he assessed of becoming the basis for his pessimism, which was on the responsibility transfer of the project to the private sector. Transportation planning in the private sector, he stated, has often not conducted, so that the projects given to the private parties had often been neglected and far from realization. 

"The problem is the risk of giving it to the private company. This is the problem from the beginning," he concluded.


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