Miss Indonesia 2014 Became a Fashion Blogger

Dwi Ayu Rochani    •    Rabu, 07 Oct 2015 14:29 WIB
Miss Indonesia 2014 Became a Fashion Blogger
Miss Indonesia 2014 Maria Rahajeng. (Photo: MTVN / Dwi Ayu Rochani)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: After 'retiring' from Miss Indonesia 2014, Maria Rahajeng again appears on screen as a fashion presenter at one of the private television channels. Aside from that, the 24 year old woman also chose a career path as a fashion blogger.

Not too many people knows that fashion world has been closely attached to Maria's heart since childhood.

"Ever since I was little, I love fashion, love to read fashion magazines, watching fashion tv, from that part I love it a lot, which can be very creative, as I can now work in the fashion world," she mentioned at the Pacific Place, SCBD, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/6/2015).

As a woman working in fashion world, she is always updated on the fashion world. However, the woman born in Blora, Central Java, admitted she was not always following fashion trend for her every performance.

"I see first, I love classic, not always following the trend. Certainly it should match my style," she said.

Maria admitted that she prefers to choose the feminine style for her everyday look. As for make up, the woman chose simple ones.

"I don't like complicated ones, I am more to the classic, rarely wearing accessories except for bracelets and gold necklace," she concluded.


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