Tantowi: Golkar Fraction's Intention, to Perfect KPK Law

Githa Farahdina    •    Kamis, 08 Oct 2015 17:59 WIB
Tantowi: Golkar Fraction's Intention, to Perfect KPK Law
Tantowi Yahya (Photo: Antara)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Golkar Fraction of the People's Representative Council is one of the six fractions proposing the revision of KPK Law. Golkar denied of trying to circumcise KPK. The intention of Golkar to improve the Law No. 30 Year 2002 about KPK.

"To be perfect and KPK be stronger," said Tantowi Yahya at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/7/2015). Tantowi is one of the initiator of the KPK Law revision from the Golkar Fraction.

The first thing to be perfected is on the wiretapping mechanism. "Should be arranged, for example if you don't want court order, the mechanism of wiretapping permit should be arranged," said Tantowi.

Secondly, there should be an agency overviewing the work and operation of KPK. It is conducted to clarify its accountability in front of the public. The House also wants to maintain KPK from being the tool of a certain party. "Golkar is like that," he affirmed.

Tantowi explained that his side did not talk about proposals and the signature of proposals. Their intention is only to repair what was considered lacking. "It has become the attention on the new Law. First we are talking about the accountability of the state institution," explained Tantowi.

The revision of KPK Law is a proposal from six fractions: PDI Perjuangan, Golkar, PPP, Nasdem, PKB and Hanura. The draft of the revision was delivered during the Legislative Board meeting on Tuesday, October 6, 2015.

Currently, DPR is reviewing the revision draft for the KPK Law. In several articles of the draft there are ideas igniting controversies.

Article 4, for example, placing the goal of KPK establishment to prevent corruption. Moreover in article 5, the House stated that KPK was formed for only 12 years after the new Law is published.

Aside from that, KPK may only able to investigate the corruption case causing the state loss above Rp50 billion. It is written on Article 13 of the KPK Law revision draft, saying:

"In conducting its duties as mentioned in article 7 letter d, KPK is authorized to conduct research, investigation of corruption crimes.

a. Involving state officials, as well as others related to the corruption acts conducted by law enforcement personnel or state officials.

b. Related to the state loss of a minimum of Rp50 billion (fifty billion rupiah).