Coming Home from Japan, Indonesian Clerics: Arigatou!

   •    Jumat, 23 Oct 2015 17:32 WIB
Coming Home from Japan, Indonesian Clerics: Arigatou!
Japan Embassy held a welcoming event for Indonesian clerics (Photo: Nabila Gita/MTVN), Jakarta: The committee of Indonesian clerics returned to the motherland after studying various things in Japan for ten days. The visit was an Indonesia-Japan cooperation program conducted for 12 batches.

Taking place in Pan Pacific Hotel, Central Jakarta, Thursday (10/22/2015), the Japanese Embassy held a welcoming event for these Indonesian clerics.

"There are lessons to be taken from this event. Participants may learn the Japanese culture, as the Japanese society may study Islamic communities from Indonesia," said the diplomat on political sector of the Japanese Embassy, Susumu Takonai.

In the latest batch on October 12, the cleric group had visited Tokyo, Hiroshima, Osaka, Nara and Kobe. There, the group visited several schools, starting from the elementary schools to highschool, as also the KANDA University with its Indonesian language study.

Aside from educational and historical visit such as to the Hiroshima monument and several famous temples, the clerics were also given the chance to conduct a homestay, or living with Japanese families to become more familiar in knowing the Cherry Blossom Land's culture.

"There are lots of funny stories happening during the homestay, from showering habits and high discipline," said Din Wahid, the head of visiting group to Japan.

"One of the word that we memorized coming home from there is 'arigatou' or thank you," he continued, followed by a laughter from the audience.

The moment of the cleric group arrival coincided with the Cleric Day, as declared by President Joko Widodo in the Istiqlal Mosque. (Nabila Gita)