Financial Ministry Budget Cut to Rp39.27 Trillion

Suci Sedya Utami    •    Jumat, 23 Oct 2015 17:41 WIB
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Financial Ministry Budget Cut to Rp39.27 Trillion
Financial Ministry Budget Cut to Rp39.27 Trillion (Photo: AFP), Jakarta: Commission XI of the People's Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) agrees to the changes of the budget ceiling for the Ministry of Finance in the State Budget Proposal (RAPBN) 2016 into becoming Rp39.27 trillion. The agreed budget has experienced a decline if compared to the previous budget proposal.

In the finance note read in August 2015, the early suggestion for the Finance Ministry budget is as much as Rp40.44 trillion. The cut was due to the decline in 2016 income target from the previous position of Rp1,848.1 trillion to Rp1,822.5 trillion.

The chairman of the session, who is also the Deputy Chairman of Commission XI of DPR, Marwan Cik Asan mentioned that due to the approved macro assumption changes, even the income is not according to the earlier target delivered in 2016 State Budget, therefore the Finance Ministry budget had been agreed to be cut down.

"I am asking, whether the new ceiling of the Finance Ministry budget cut from the previous Rp40.44 trillion into Rp39.27 trillion with the detailed attachment, can it be approved?" asked the chairman of the session at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Friday (10/22/2015).

The chairman's question was answered by a yes by the members present in that occasion. The chairman then knocked the hammer as a sign of approval that the Finance Ministry budget was agreed to be cut down at Rp39.27 trillion.

Meanwhile, during the same occasion, Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro said the budget will be allocated to several posts, which are:

1. Secretariat General of Finance Ministry, Rp14.5 trillion for the supporting program of LPDP management.
2. Inspectorate General Unit of Finance Ministry, Rp108.79 billion for the improvement and accountability of apparatus.
3. Budgeting Directorate General Unit of Finance Ministry, Rp145.98 billion for state budget management.
4. Tax Directorate General Unit of Finance Ministry Rp8.124 trillion for the improvement and security of tax income.
5. Directorate General of Fees and Levies Unit of Finance Ministry, Rp3.475 trillion for the income supervision of fees and levies.
6. Financial Balancing Directorate General Unit of Finance Ministry, Rp133.4 billion in the form of management improvement of regional financial balancing.
7. Financing and Risk Management Directorate General Unit of Finance Ministry, Rp109.08 billion.
8. State Treasury Directorate General Unit of Finance Ministry, Rp11.076 trillion for the management of state treasury in the form of work units, palm BLU as much as Rp9.54 trillion.
9. State Wealth Directorate General Unit of Finance Ministry, Rp624.96 billion to manage the wealth, credits and auctions.
10.Financial and Development Examiner Agency Unit (BPKP) of Finance Ministry, Rp734.18 billion for the apparatuses education and training, as well as STAN.
11.Fiscal Policy Agency Unit (BKF) of the Finance Ministry, Rp240.3 billion for the fiscal policy formulation program.

"In total, the Finance Ministry budget for 2016 is as much as Rp39.27 trillion, comprising of public services Rp37.77 trillion and education Rp1.5 trillion. The changes of budget has been approved by the DPR Budgeting Board," concluded Bambang.