Imported Rice Flows Into Indonesia in November 2015

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Imported Rice Flows Into Indonesia in November 2015
A worker carrying bag of rice in Cipinang, East Jakarta, May 12, 2015. (Photo: MI / Galih Pradipta), Jakarta: Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) confirmed that the government has imported 1.5 million tons of rice, as it will flow into the country in November 2015. 

"Yes, already (imported). I think next month it will arrive," said JK at his office, Jalan Veteran III, Medan Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta, Monday (10/26/2015).

JK said the decision to open the flow of import needs to be conducted to maintain the stability of rice price from rising, due to the current decreasing supply.

"It is to maintain the stability of price and national stock, it has to be done to safeguard (the interests of) the people, then we should import," he stated.

Moreover the Logistic Affairs Bureau (Bulog) is having a difficulty in absorbing the reserve supply of rice. It is added with the interruption in the rice production, as the seeding period is interfered by the extremely hot draught or El Niño.

"If we do not import, it will be dangerous. Moreover the draught, our own eyes have seen (declining rice stock and production) not because of the farming sector's faults, nobody's fault. But the nature can't be fought if this occur. We have to adjust," he conveyed.

He then added that the imported rice stock will be fulfilled by Vietnam and Thailand. "From whichever country, as long as we can fulfill. We're negotiating with Thailand," he concluded.

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