Plenary Session, House Speakers Wear Masks

Anggitondi Martaon    •    Jumat, 30 Oct 2015 13:02 WIB
plenary session
Plenary Session, House Speakers Wear Masks

Metrotvnews,com, Jakarta: There is something different in today's plenary session. When it is starting, the four Speakers of the People's Representative Council (DPR/House) were all wearing masks covering their mouths. The masks were given by a House protocolar to all leaders of the session.

Based on the observation of, the white masks were once lowered down below the mouth when they spoke onto the microphone, Friday (10/30/2015).

Various responses then emerged as related to that issue. There were some Members of House criticizing the use of the masks, but there were also those who went with it. Today, one of the agendas of the plenary session is the proposition for the interpolation of forest and land fire, including the establishment of a special committee (Pansus).

Aside from that, today's plenary would also determine the fate of the 2016 State Budget Draft. The Budgeting Board meeting has agreed to the draft, in a marathon meeting until earlier in dawn.

The plenary session started at around 10.00WIB, an hour late than the initial schedule of 09.00WIB. Some members were not present.

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