Jokowi dan Finnish President to Discuss Peat Management

Desi Angriani    •    Selasa, 03 Nov 2015 13:46 WIB
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Jokowi dan Finnish President to Discuss Peat Management
Burned peatland in Palangkaraya, Central Borneo, January 11, 2015 (Photo: Antara/Saptono), Jakarta: President Joko Widodo is scheduled to receive the honorary visit of Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and Finnish First Lady Jenni Haukio at Istana Merdeka, Jakarta, Tuesday afternoon. The occasion will be utilized by Jokowi to discuss the peat land management to prevent it from affecting the forest fire.

State Secretary Pratikno mentioned, the honorary visit is to be continued with the bilateral meeting between both delegation and the signing of several MoUs. "Finland also has peat. We want to deal with this peat problem. Many countries have managed well and we need to improve the peat management," Pratikno said in the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, (11/3/2015).
According to Pratikno, the discussion on peat is the manifestation of the President's seriousness to deal with the forest and land fire in Indonesia. "Peat is not only our problem. Many other countries have succeeded and we have to succeed as well. President is serious in handling this," he said.
Previously, President Joko Widodo also invited the leaders of peat work group to the State Palace, Jakarta. They discussed the management of forest and land fire due to peat.
President previously had decided the Ministry of Environment and Forestry not to release any other permits for any company to open plantations on peat land. "I instructed that there will be no more permissions granted on peat fire. Quickly do revitalization," said Jokowi.

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