Rupiah Slump Eases Under Rp13,600/USD

Ade Hapsari Lestarini    •    Rabu, 11 Nov 2015 14:02 WIB
Rupiah Slump Eases Under Rp13,600/USD
Indonesian rupiah bank notes are bundled together at a money changer office in Jakarta on March 17, 2015. ADEK BERRY / AFP, Jakarta: Rupiah started to strengthen along with the gaining development of the global market and weakening US dollar.

Quoting Bloomberg, Wednesday (11/11/2015), rupiah opened stronger at Rp13,594 per USD, if compared to yesterday's trade closing at the position of Rp13,619 per USD.

Rupiah currency is at the level of Rp13,587 per USD or strengthened by 32 points, equal to 0.23 percent. The range of movements this morning is at the level of Rp13,565-Rp13,595 per USD. Meanwhile, based on Yahoo Finance data, rupiah was at the position of Rp13,577 per USD. The currency gained 36 points, or equal to 0.26 percent.

As known, the rupiah currency trade on US dollar is predicted to still be on the flat trend among the US dollar strengthening. 

Generally, the condition occurs in the global market as reflecting the internal factors started to take more role in preventing external shakedown.

"In the middle of the hope on BI rate slashing, the short term interbank interest rate is still showing rising trend," mentioned the analyst of Samuel Sekuritas, Rangga Cipta, in his research as quoted by


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