Indonesia Congratulates Myanmar on Historical Election

Fajar Nugraha    •    Rabu, 11 Nov 2015 14:13 WIB
Indonesia Congratulates Myanmar on Historical Election
NLD party supporters in Myanmar. (Photo: AFP), Jakarta: Myanmar had just conducted the historical election in its 'undisclosed' era. Indonesia also congratulated on the success of the election.

"Indonesia conveyed a congratulatory note to the government and the people of Myanmar on the historical election which had been conducted peacefully on November 8, 2015," stated the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a written statement received by, Wednesday (11/11/2015).

"Indonesia continues to follow up thoroughly the electoral process in Myanmar, as hoping that all parties may respect the result of the election, which is the reflection of Myanmarese people," continued the statement.

Indonesian government also expect the result of the election will open a new page on the Myanmarese people in the effort to continue the process of reform, reconciliation and development process, as continuing to maintain the spirit of togetherness.

It is the best chance for Myanmar to move towards a democratic country, after being in a military law for decades.

The National League for Democracy Party (NLD), which belongs to the opposition figure Aung San Suu Kyo, is estimated to sweep the majority vote. At least 30 million Myanmarese have the electoral rights for the current election. 

Indonesia hopes the election result in Myanmar may be accepted by all parties, as it may become a basis to process reform and reconciliation. Suu Kyi had warned the NLD supporters not to overreact when the final result of the election is announced.

Suu Kyi also claimed that the NLD party is estimated to win the election with 75 percent of votes. They are competing for 664 seats in two parliamentary councils.


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