Abu Bakar Baasyir Undergoes Judicial Review Trial Today

Deny Irwanto    •    Selasa, 17 Nov 2015 12:39 WIB
Abu Bakar Baasyir Undergoes Judicial Review Trial Today
Abu Bakar Baasyir (Photo: Ant/Reno Esnir)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Terrorism convict Abu Bakar Baasyir submits judicial review request for 15 years imprisonment sentence that he receives from South Jakarta Court. The trial for the request is scheduled to be held today.

The judicial review request has been recorded with registration number 17/PK/2015/PN.JKT.SEL. The trial will be led by Achmad Rivai. The agenda for the first trial is to read the request letter.

"Judicial review trial for Abu Bakar Baasyir will be held today. The judge is Achmad Rivai," said South Jakarta Court Public Relations Made Sutrisna in South Jakarta Court, Tuesday (11/17/2015)

Until now, the trial is not started yet. The security in the location is also not tight. Around dozens of officials guard the gate of South Jakarta Court.

Previously, South Jakarta Court gave 15 years prison to Abu Bakar Baasyir. He then asked for appeal to Jakarta High Court and got 9 years prison instead.

But in cassation level, Supreme Court canceled decision from Jakarta High Court and returned the decision to 15 years prison. Baasyir then asked for judicial review.

In this case, Baasyir was proven guilty for planning and mobilizing people by giving fund for military exercise in Jantho mountain, Aceh.

The fund that was proven gathered by Baasyir was Rp350 million.

Baasyir then arrested in Batu Prison since 6 October 2012. But he moved to Nusakambangan Prison since 15 January 2013.