VP: Although Economy Slows Down, Indonesia Still Profits

Suci Sedya Utami    •    Selasa, 17 Nov 2015 15:31 WIB
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VP: Although Economy Slows Down, Indonesia Still Profits
Jusuf Kalla (Photo: MTVN/Suci Sedya Utami)


Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated Indonesia is experiencing economic slowdown as the consequence of the inevitable global economic condition.
The man closely known as JK said that despite the economic slowdown experienced by the nation, Indonesia is still benefited as it is not a struggling nation against the global economic slowdown.

"We are grateful to experience the slowdown, but on the middle position. There are those above, but also those below us. In the middle level, it represents that this nation is easy to move forward and easy to withstand," he stated in a seminar of Returning Indonesian Economic Growth 2016, in Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mega Kuningan, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (11/17/2015).

He admitted that it is not easy to face the challenges of economy within the first year of the Jokowi-JK Government. The national economic slowdown occurred also due to the weakening of the people's purchasing power, which was the essential power for Indonesia's economy with its 250 million people, in becoming the consumption movers. Aside from maintaining purchasing power, productivity should also be maintained.

"Growth occurs from productivity, aside from consumption, both should be maintained to enable the growth of Indonesia's economy," he mentioned.

Moreover, the government established the seven percent growth in the period of five years up to 2019. Meaning, Indonesia needs more than two more percent to achieve the target. This also means that thousands of trillions are needed for investments to boost the growth.

"To increase it is not directly seven (percent), unless there are miracles of sudden changes in the world. Then we will find the problems and solutions. What kind of policy that went wrong and improved to achieve that?" he questioned.

All this time, Indonesia's export does not move much from raw production, such as the commodity for tens of years. As soon as there is a problem related to the weak commodity price, it takes effect. Therefore the fundamental should be improved.

"We have to move, mineral can't be exported raw, it will fix the past slow down. Luckily we fix them on the declining price, so there was not much of a challenge. Try five years ago, everybody will complain. Now, where to export and how much is the price? So it is the right moment to fix it," he concluded.


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