Government Cautious on The Fed Rise Next Month

Desi Angriani    •    Rabu, 18 Nov 2015 09:43 WIB
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Government Cautious on The Fed Rise Next Month
Illustration (Photo:AFP Photo/Brendan Simalowski), Jakarta: The government is observing the plan of increasing The Federal Reserves interest rate in December 2015. 
"Mr. President directed for us to stay cautious for the possibility of The Fed increasing its interest rate in the near future," mentioned the Secretary of the Cabinet, Pramono Anung in Jakarta, Tuesday (11/17/2015).

Pramono explained that the government's alertness is accompanied with anticipation measures, one of them by synchronizing all policy packages released.

"Those which the PP or Ministerial Regulation were not yet release, are to be released soon," he added.

Aside from that, the government is to hold a limited meeting with economic ministers to discuss the issue. The meeting, mentioned Pramono, is to be held at the Presidential Office on Friday.

"The plan, if not Friday or Monday, is that there will be a meeting of the economic team and limited meeting of the cabinet to discuss the issue," said Pramono. 

Meanwhile, the next economic policy package, according to Pramono, is awaiting the result of the meeting. "Whether there will be new packages to be published by the government will be announced after," he mentioned.