Tips to Buy Cheap Lombok Woven Fabric

Nia Deviyana    •    Rabu, 18 Nov 2015 16:30 WIB
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Tips to Buy Cheap Lombok Woven Fabric
Lombok Woven Fabric in Sade Village (Photo:MTVN/Nia Deviyana), Jakarta: Buying woven fabric is like an obligation when we travel to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. There are many souvenir shops that sell woven fabric i Lombok. But if you want to buy cheap woven fabric, just come to Sade Village in Central Lombok.

In this village, native Sasak people sell their handmade woven fabric. You can bargain with the sellerz, so you could get cheaper price than in souvernir shops.

Usually, woven fabric is sold Rp250 thousand in souvenir shops. In Sade Village, you could buy it with Rp100 thousand or less if you good at bargaining.

You should not doubt the quality of the fabric. Sasak people still use traditional method to make the fabric. "For example, we still use nipa palm for the dye," said one guide in Sade Village.

Just like in souvenir shop, Sasak people in Sade Village also sell other souvenirs like bracelet and necklace. The price is also cheap starts from Rp5,000.

Sasak people is Lombok native that is still exist until now. it has been the fifteenth generation that is spread in nine villages with Sade Village as the main village.