Indonesian Captured in South Korea Suspected for Terrorism Has Long Been Watched

Fajar Nugraha    •    Rabu, 18 Nov 2015 17:58 WIB
Indonesian Captured in South Korea Suspected for Terrorism Has Long Been Watched
Korean Police (Photo: AFP), Jakarta: Indonesian citizen captured by South Korean authority. The person has long been watched by security official.

Official release from South Korean police said they hae captured 32 years old man in his hose in South Chungcheong Province. The Indonesian is charged for immigration violation and document forgery.

"Two months ago Indonesian Embassy in Seoul received information from security official that there was Indonesian citizen that was watched by local authority," said Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director of Indonesian Citizen Protection Lalu Muhammad Iqbal, in press release received by, Wednesday (11/188/2015).

"However regarding the arrest, ur colleagues in embassy is clarifying and coordinating with local authority," he said.

Quoted from Yonhap news agency, Indonesian whose is not revealed yet suspected for supporting Front al-Nusra. The group is terrorist group that splits from Al Qaeda and operates in Syria.

Police said suspect arrived in South Korea with fake passport in 2007. During the capture, official also confiscated a knife, toy gun and some books.

Suspect uploaded video to social media in April that showed he raised terrorist flag in a mountain in South Korea.

The suspect also uploaded photo using headgear with terrorist logo in ancient palace Gyeongbok which is popular tourist destination in Seoul.

Investigation is still on going to determine whether he has friends who also support terrorist group