Angklung Inserted as Curriculum in Malaysia and Korea, But Not Indonesia

Ahmad Rofahan    •    Jumat, 20 Nov 2015 14:55 WIB
Angklung Inserted as Curriculum in Malaysia and Korea, But Not Indonesia
Dudi Darma Bakti (Photo: MTVN/Ahmad Rofahan), Cirebon: West Java's traditional musical instrument, Angklung, has swept the attention of the world more often. The evidence is that more foreigners are willing to learn to play the bamboo instrument. Unfortunately, it has lacked interest in its own homeland.

Dudi Darma Bakti, Program Manager of  Saung Angklung Udjo Foundation mentioned that many foreign schools are learning how to play Angklung.

"There are from Australia, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, the Netherlands and China,” said the Program Manager when attending the West Java Pasanggiri Angklung in Cirebon, Thursday (11/20/2015).

Not only learning, some of the schools on those countries have inserted Angklung as one of the curriculums to be studied there. Dudi mentioned that his foundation trained 330 kindergarten teachers from Malaysia for two weeks. In Malaysia, Angklung had been inserted as the educational curriculum.

"In Korea and Malaysia, Angklung has been inserted in the curriculum of school education there," mentioned Dudi.

Unfortunately, Indonesia still does not insert Angklung in its educational curriculum. Even though there are plenty of Angklung distributed as aid from government, but it is not accompanied by the trainers. The condition has made the schools with the Angklung were not able to utilize them well.

"There were only 20 Angklung trainers in West Java. As it is not inserted in the curriculum, the utilization is also not maximized," mentioned Dudi.

To overcome the lack of Angklung trainers like today, the Saung Angklung Udjo Foundation is to conduct training for the trainers, which will be participated by the West Java teachers.

"Hopefully next year we will conduct the training. Hopefully it will be able to produce new trainers," mentioned Dudi.