Beware ISIS Terror in Indonesia

Krisiandi    •    Jumat, 20 Nov 2015 16:46 WIB
Beware ISIS Terror in Indonesia
Illustration (Photo: Canstock), Jakarta: ISIS has taken responsibility for terror attack in France in 13 November. In Indonesia there are several groups with similar ideology with ISIS.

"The groups must be watched. They could imitate what happened in France," said terrorism expert, Al Chaidar by phone to, Friday (11/20/2015).

The groups have hundreds of members spread in several regions in Indonesia. However according to Chaidar, the groups does not have good knowledge to make bomb. They only able to make low explosive bombs.

"But they continue to recruit members especially bomb expert," he said.

According to Chaidar, the groups does not have shopisticated weaponry like in Paris attacks. Their financial source is also still weak. "But we must be alert with these radical groups," he sad.

From data gathered by Chaidar, 645 Indonesians now are in Syria joining ISIS. "But they don't come back to Indonesia. We have to be more alert to people in Indonesia," he said.

Until now Santoso, terror leader based on Central Sulawesi, still on the run. Santoso Group has potential to be branch of ISIS in Indonesia.

Previously, Jakarta Metro Police Chief Tito Karnavian admitted he has found group affiliated with ISIS in Jakarta. Police continues to monitor the movement of this group.

"Yes they exist we have known that. But i cannot reveal yet which group," said Tito.


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