Beginning of the Week, Rupiah Weakens Rp13,722/USD

Angga Bratadharma    •    Senin, 23 Nov 2015 17:48 WIB
Beginning of the Week, Rupiah Weakens Rp13,722/USD
Illustration (Photo: Antara/Zabur Karuru), Jakarta: Rupiah this evening continued to weaken against United States (US) Dollar compared with its movement in the morning. Without any positive sentiment, Rupiah was difficult to strengthen.

Quoting Bloomberg, Monday (11/23/2015), Rupiah this evening was at Rp13,722/USD. While according Yahoo Finance data, Rupah was at Rp13,741. According to Jakarta Interbank Spot Dolar Rate (Jisdor), Rupiah was at Rp13,696.

The lowering of Rupiah was paralell with the lowering of JCI. Whereas JCI briefly strengthened in the morning.

JCI Monday (11/23/2015) closed weakened 20.26 points or 0.4 percent to 4,541 points. Meanwhile LQ45 index weakened 6.9 points to 780 and JII weakened 8.4 points to 595.

Most sectors weakened, with infrastructure sector recorded the highest decrease 17.26 points followed by mining sector 8.21 points and manufacturing sector 3.52 points. Only financial sector recorded increase 2.43 points.

Transaction volume in the second session recorded 2.6 billion shares worth Rp2.8 trillion. 106 stocks strengthened, 152 stocks weakened, 106 stocks unchanged and 195 stocks were not traded.