JK Urges Businessmen to Increase Economy for AEC

Husen Miftahudin    •    Senin, 23 Nov 2015 18:05 WIB
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JK Urges Businessmen to Increase Economy for AEC
Vice President Jusuf Kalla (Photo: MI/Panca Syurkani)

Metrotvnews.com, Bandung: The government continues to boost the business sector in the archipelago prior to the application of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). In this case, the role of businesspeople to boost domestic economy is crucial, as the national economy is currently in shock due to the global economy slowdown.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK), at the opening of the National Conference of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (COC), asked business people to cooperate in improving the national economic sector. According to JK, Indonesia has a chance to increase the economy on the regional free trade, as remembering that Indonesia has a great demographic bonus.

"Our economic situation is currently on the slowdown, as it needs challenges to be overcome well. Our abilities are the consumers and workforce, as well as strong human resources. We also have natural resources. Therefore we have to cooperate, as this national conference boosts the economy and improves us all," said JK, when opening the 7th National Conference of COC, at Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung, Monday (11/23/2015).

He urged that businessman should not worry about the challenges of regional or global free trade. He thinks that the demographic bonus possessed by Indonesia is capable of being utilized in boosting the increase of domestic employment.

"The surplus must be utilized together. We don't have to worry on the measurement of GDP growth (Gross Domestic Products), or income per capita. The most realistic measure is the employment. As long as the demographic bonus is utilized for employment, it will be able to increase purchasing power and the welfare of its society," JK concluded.


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