MPV Becomes Favourite of Indonesian Automotive Market

Ekawan Raharja    •    Selasa, 24 Nov 2015 16:13 WIB
MPV Becomes Favourite of Indonesian Automotive Market
Illustration (Photo: MTVN/Ekawan Raharja), Jakarta: Cars with more passenger capacity have become the favorite in Indonesia. The large capacity has gained success in the market, such as the MPV segment with seven seaters.

Amelia Tjandra, Director of Marketing PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), explained that the condition in Indonesia is unique. The habit of small gatherings of Indonesian public is a strong reason why the seven-seater cars sells so well. 

"Indonesians love to gather, as said in a phrase mangan ora mangan asal kumpul (eat or not, just gather). If they buy cars, they will think about the holiday season, how to gather with families, as if it is possible, the family should fit in," explained of the bosses of PT ADM di Cibubur Jakarta.

The energetic woman also compared the condition of the people in Indonesia to various countries in South East Asian region. Amelia said that Thais love double cabin cars more, while Malaysians are more of citycars.

The cars with seven seaters, especially MPV, is said to be selling well in Indonesia. Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, Honda Mobilio, Suzuki Ertiga and other MPVs have been running around in the Indonesian streets.