22 Banned Pirated Music Sites to Get Sanction

Mohammad Mamduh    •    Rabu, 25 Nov 2015 12:50 WIB
22 Banned Pirated Music Sites to Get Sanction
Illustration (Photo: Guardian)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Ministry of Communication and Informatics will coordinate with Creative Economy Agency (BEkraf) and Recording Industry Association of Indonesia (ASIRI) to file lawsuit against 22 banned pirated music sites so it could get sanction.

The plan mentioned by Ministry of Communication and Informatics Director General of Application and Informatics Bambang Heru Tjahyono.

"These illegal sites will be given sanction, of course we will coordinate with BEkraf and ASIRI to report them to authority," Bambang said after press conference about the ban of illegal music sites in Ministry of Communication and Informatics headquarter in Jakarta, Monday (11/23/2015).

Bambang admitted the sites operated outside Indonesia. The sites mostly use .com domain so it is difficult to identify the owners.

"The perpetrators are the same. Their site were banned then they made new one," he said.

The ministry coordinates with internet service providers (ISP) to ban the illegal sites. "In the future we will also cooperate with Domain Name System (DNS) to ban it permanently," he added.

Bambang warned his ministry could revoke permit from ISP who doesn't obey order to ban the illegal sites."ISP who doesnt shut the illegal sites will get warning and its permit could be revoked," he said.

Meanwhile, ASIRI Chairman Toto said his organization will report the case to the authority so the perpetrator could get sanction based on Copyright Law. "We will report it immediately after we get data about those 22 illegal music sites," Toto said.

Toto added government could shut other illegal music sites. "We keep tabs on dozens of illegal music sites," he said.