Trial Reveals Former Minister Bought Lady Gaga Ticket Using Govt Funds

Renatha Swasty    •    Jumat, 27 Nov 2015 11:30 WIB
Trial Reveals Former Minister Bought Lady Gaga Ticket Using Govt Funds
Jero Wacik (Photo: Rommy Pujianto), Jakarta: Former Energy and Mineral Resources Cooperation Chief in Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, admitted she was asked to buy Lady Gaga concert ticket for former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Jero Wacik and his family. 
Athena revealed that when she became witness for Jero Wacik's corruption trial on Thursday (11/26/2015).
The order the buy the ticket did not come directly from Jero. She was ordered by the ministry's former secretary general Waryono Karyono in 2012.
Athena explained she then asked the money to the secretariate general staff, Sri Utami. The ticket cost Rp10 million.
"Mr. Secretary General call me, he said Mr. Minister needs Lady Gaga concert ticket. I seeked the ticket annd then i asked money to Mrs. Sri," Athena said in the trial.
That was not the only time Athena bought concert ticket for Jero Wacik.In March 2012, Waryono Karno asked her to buy Stevie Wonder concert ticket for the minister.
During previous trial, Sri Utami revealed she gathered fee from several activities held by her office. The money was used to add Jero Wacik's operational funds.
She gathered Rp1.1 billion from General Bureau, Rp.4 billion from Legal Bureau, Rp3.2 billion from Information and Data Center, Rp2 billion from Planning Bureau and another Rp800 million from Legal Bureau.
"And from Mr. Ahmad Sudaryanto i don't know from what bureau Rp3 billion," She said in trial.
Jero wacik was charged for extortion by ordering his staff to gather money for his operational fund. He felt his operational fund was too small.
The money from his stall came form the ministry's procurement partners. The total money gathered was Rp10.38 billion.


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