Indonesia To Be Part of Climate Change Solution

Willy Haryono    •    Senin, 30 Nov 2015 19:58 WIB
Indonesia To Be Part of Climate Change Solution
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spoke Person Arrmanatha Nasir (Foto:MTVN), Jakarta: President Joko Widodo will underline Indonesia's role in United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties (COP) 21 that was opened today (11/30/2015) iin Paris, France. Indonesia will be part of climate change solution.

"President will convey that Indonesia will give political support for the achievement of global agreement. Indonesia will be part of solution for climate change issue," said Ministry of foreign Affairs Arrmanatha Nasir in Jakarta, Monday (11/30/2015).

Arrmanatha explained Indonesia commits to cut carbon emission up to 29 percent in 2030.

"It will be conveyed by Mr. President that Indonesia will implement it. For example in energy sector, we target 25 percent of our energy source in 2025 come from renewable energy," he said.

President Jokowi will also mention measures that have been taken by Indonesia to tackle forest fire. (Nabila Gita)