Art Education Should be Priority in School: Minister

Roni Kurniawan    •    Rabu, 02 Dec 2015 15:12 WIB
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Art Education Should be Priority in School: Minister
Minister of Education and Culture Anies Baswedan (Photo: MI/Rommy Pujianto), Bandung: Conducting art is the process of creation, feel and creativity to reach esthetics. The experience in the process of art is crucial to the human development. Therefore, art education, especially the art of tradition, should be priority and gained greater portion in every feat in Indonesia.
 It was mentioned by the Minister Education and Culture, Anies Baswedan, when opening the 3rd Indonesian Art Congress (KKN) in Grand Hotel Panghegar, Bandung City, Wednesday, December 2.
"The art process becomes a very crucial experience in school, aside from other subjects. Then, the art should have greater portion and attention. Because, art education is one of the priorities in every school," Anies mentioned.
It was admitted by Anies to be very important for the regeneration to preserve art in every region. Moreover, he continued, there are so many cultures or foreign arts in Indonesia, as worrying that traditional art will be abandoned by the people.
"Bring the new generation to preserve Indonesian art." 
Aside from that, Anies urged the art maestros to go down and touch every school. It is hoped that they interact directly to provide deeper knowledge on art, to emerge new generations.