Twitter Opens to Advertising Tax in Social Media

Gervin Nathaniel Purba    •    Rabu, 02 Dec 2015 17:58 WIB
Twitter Opens to Advertising Tax in Social Media
Twitter (Photo: Twitter), Jakarta: The government had mentioned to apply taxes for social media, as there are a huge tax potential from advertisements in social media such as Facebook or Twitter. The government statement was released to boost alternative tax revenue.
Addressing the issue, Country Business Head of Twitter Indonesia, Roy Arnold Simangunsong mentioned that Twitter Indonesia is always prepared to support the government's implementation, as it is ready to communicate with the government. 
"We have observed and communicated with the government. I think beyond the economic tax, Twitter has also made an effort to assist Indonesians," mentioned Roy when met at BNI Head Office in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/2/2015).
He thinks so far, there are various parties placing their ads in Twitter. However, he cannot mentioned specifically the number of advertisement in Twitter as it varies.
"I see that some had came straight forward, and some are indirect, with tweets to promote their ads. So if we talk about advertisement, it depends, it does not have to be paid ones. The ads can be through his Twitter to promote an ad," he explained.
Currently, he added, one of the products of Twitter Indonesia's cooperation with the government is the establishment of The feature will assist users in knowing flooded locations. "Then working together with the Jakarta administration, it is called Kaki Lima Jakarta, using Twitter as a solution to find good food," he elaborated.
he said twitter is prepared to hear what the government wants for the best of both parties. Aside from that, the company will also observe what the government wants.