Enjoying Asian Contemporary Art in Kohler and The Arts

Putu Radar Bahurekso    •    Kamis, 03 Dec 2015 12:58 WIB
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Enjoying Asian Contemporary Art in Kohler and The Arts
Kohler and the Arts Exhibition (Photo:MTVN: Putu Radar Bahurekso)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: After being held in several Asian countries, the contemporary art exhibition of Kohler and the Arts is being held in Indonesia. 
Kohler and the Arts was previously being held in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore.
The exhibition carries the theme of Asian Contemporary Art: Rooting from the Past, Gazing at the Future.
The artworks of six artists from South East Asia are being exhibited, such as those from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam.
"Asia is a wide region. Although there are similarities between one nation and another, every nation has its own teachings, value and history. Through art, we can describe the differences and form greater understanding," said the President of Kitchen & Bath Asia Pacific and EMEA Larry Yuen, in Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/2/2015). Through every artwork exhibited, each artist conducted free and in depth exploration on the theme of the event.
It carries culture changes, increasing economic power of Asia in the eyes of the world, as well as the innovation and technology effect towards the citizens of the world.
"I love the concept of the exhibition. We can't see the future without looking at our own self and past. I also want to interact through my work," mentioned James Seet, a Malaysian artist.
The exhibition held by Kohler Co is the first in Indonesia, as it is hoped to become a new platform in developing the art world.
Kohler and the Arts exhibition is running at Senayan City, Jakarta, since November 30, 2015, hingga December 6, 2015.
"Through the event, we would like to help in promoting and developing the art and art community here, by providing new platform for the South East Asian artists," explained Larry Yuen.