House Speaker Attends Ethics Trial

Al Abrar    •    Senin, 07 Dec 2015 17:49 WIB
House Speaker Attends Ethics Trial
House Speaker Setya Novanto (MI/Moh Irfan), Jakarta: House of Representatives Speaker Setya Novanto attends ethics trial held by House Ethics Tribunal (MKD). However, the trial is closed for public.
Novanto previously reported to House Ethics Tribunal for falsely using President Joko Widodo's name and positioning himself as broker in PT Freeport Indonesia's contract extension negotiation.
"Ethics tribunal of Setya Novanto i closed for public by the new chief judge Kahar Muzakir and several tribunnal members," said House Ethics Tribunal member, Akbar Faizal, in his twitter account, Monday (12/7/2015).
Novanto arrived in the trial around 13.50. Novanto entered the trial room from the side door. The arrival was heavily guarded by police and parliament internal securities.
Media that have waited Novanto in front of escalator was surprised after knowing he entered from the side door.
The extra security was also criticized by House Ethic Tribunal member Junimar Girsang. "Don't put barricade here," he said.