Govt Policies Succeed to Resurrect National Fishery Industry

Dian Ihsan Siregar    •    Rabu, 09 Dec 2015 12:07 WIB
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Govt Policies Succeed to Resurrect National Fishery Industry
Illustration (Photo: Antara Foto/ Oky Lukmansyah), Jakarta: The government has published various regulations capable of increasing the growth capacity of the fishery industry. The policies had resulted in more fish products caught in the Indonesian sea.
The Director of Finance of PT Dua Putra Utama Makmur Tbk (DPUM) Indra Afriadi mentioned, the government policy includes the moratorium for ex-foreign vessels, transshipment ban, massive fishing net equipment ban, as well as the sinking of fish looter ships.
Indra assessed that the policies have given the positive impact towards the national fishing industry, as it will be able to increase Indonesia's competitiveness in the ASEAN region.
"Fishing nets destroying the ecosystem are not allowed. It is good for small fishermen and us, as the fishing industry. When at sea, our fish are easier to be obtained. The government's policies are good," mentioned Indra, when met at the IDX Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/8/2015).
He admitted that the capacity of fish looter ships is far beyond local fishermen. Therefore, it produced an irrational gap for local fishermen. With the government policy through the Ministry of Maritime and Fishery, the supply of fish in the sea increases as foreign vessels have kept their distance.
"Let's compare, the looter vessels and local fishermen's have a ten-fold difference. The thieves have 4,000 tons, we are only 120-300 tons. It is why when the looters are gone, the supply of fish in the sea increases. Previously, the ship can't go home before it is filled, where it takes two months, now it can be faster, two weeks to a month," he mentioned.
With the transshipment ban, Indra continued that it may resurrect the dying micro economy, as it is now starting to be awaken. "Auctions had been lacking. But when transshipment was banned and fish has to be sold in the auction spots (TPI), all micro businesses started to move," Indra concluded.