Intel Introduces Skylake Processor in Indonesia

Riandanu Madi Utomo    •    Rabu, 09 Dec 2015 12:17 WIB
 Intel Introduces Skylake Processor in Indonesia
Intel Innovation Day, Jakarta: On Tuesday (12/8/2015), Intel again hosted the Intel Innovation Day.
Different from the previous year, Intel had not only gathered vendors and local application developers, but also launched its latest processor, which are the sixth generation processor named 'Skylake'.
The event was also attended by one of Intel bosses from the US, Gregory R. Pearson, the Senior Vice President General Manager, Sales and Marketing Group of Intel Corporation.
"The smart technology has existed since way back. But currently, the technology is experiencing an innovation leap. It is what causes the local developers to have an important role in facing it," mentioned Gregory in his speech.
In this event, Intel also stated that they are focusing in providing a new experience for the PC users in the world. To embody the ideas Intel has partnered with Microsoft to create various new technology presented in Windows 10.
One of the technology is the Intel Speed Shift, which allows a performance enhancement up to 20 percent better from other processors.
Aside from having a better performance than the other processors, Intel 6th Gen processor is also said to be present in various platforms, starting from the smallest such as Intel Compute Stick, to the largest such as PC gaming tower.
The Intel 6th Gen processor is not only fit for regular PC use. The processor is also perfect for all needs such as gaming, 4K video rendering, to over clocking.