The Complex Flavor of Samosir Cofee

Sri Yanti Nainggolan    •    Rabu, 09 Dec 2015 12:40 WIB
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The Complex Flavor of Samosir Cofee
Samosir Coffee (Photo: MTVN: Yantii N), Jakarta: There are various quality coffee with a distinct aroma across the archipelago. However, the Samosir coffee from North Sumatra has its own uniqueness in the roasting process.
The distinct difference of Samosir coffee is on its drying process. In this process, the outer skin of the coffee is usually thrown away when it's dried. However, in the middle of the drying process, coffee roasters in Samosir had taken the outer layers, as the seeds are returned to dry afterwards.
"The process makes the flavor to develop and becomes more authentic," mentioned Vanda Puspa, a coffee expert when met during the opening of Caribou Coffee Jakarta, Tuesday (12/8/2015).
She thinks the coffee has a herbal taste, as it is heavier when it is sipped. "The Sumatra coffee is more earthy and heavy. It is irreplaceable by other coffee," mentioned the woman who has been involved in the coffee world for more than 12 years.
Sumatra Coffee is famous for its complex taste. In North Sumatra, there are three areas which produced the best coffee: Lintongnihuta, Mandailing and Sidikalang. Each with its own distinct characteristics.