53 Indonesians Die in Syria after Joining ISIS

   •    Rabu, 09 Dec 2015 13:46 WIB
 53 Indonesians Die in Syria after Joining ISIS
BNPT Chief Saud Usman Nasution (Photo: MI)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT) Chief Saud Usman Nasution said 53 Indonesians have died in Syria after joining ISIS.
"Indonesians who died in Syria are 53 person, 4 of them died because of suicide bombing," said Saud during discussion on terrorism in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/8/2015).
Saud said many Indonesians work for ISIS as driver or oil worker. They are promised big salary. However, in reality they have difficult life in Syria and many of them decide to go back to Indonesia.
"According data from police, there are 800 Indonesians who join ISIS. 169 of them has been deported through Turkey," he said.
Moreover, Saud conveyed Indonesian Government right now is implementing soft approach to radical people in the country.
"Background check, rehabilitation and psychological examination could make them give information regarding terror syndicate," he explained.
Saud added government helps former terror group members by giving them education and training so they can go back to society. (Nabila Gita)


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