Pertamina Launches Largest Lubricant Factory in South East Asia

Annisa ayu artanti    •    Jumat, 11 Dec 2015 13:15 WIB
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Pertamina Launches Largest Lubricant Factory in South East Asia
Illustration (Photo: Antara Foto/Andika Wahyu), Jakarta: PT Pertamina (Persero) is to officiate a Lobe Oil Blending Project (LOBP) or a lubricant factory, which is the largest in South East Asia.
 Based on the information gathered by, on Friday, December 11, the officiation of the factory was conducted today in Jampea, Tanjung Priok, at 08.00 WIB.
Aside from officiating a factory, by the end of 2015, Pertamina is to launch a biodiesel lubricant product for vehicles.
According to schedule, the officiation was to be attended by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Sudirman Said, Minister of State-Owned Companies (BUMN) Rini Soemarno, Minister of Industry Saleh Husin, and the Board of Directors of Pertamina.
Aside from that, Pertamina was also to launch the new look of its Public Refueling Stations (SPBU). Pertamina's gas stations, which were dominated by red color, can now be seen with a new face of green, red and blue.
With the new look, the concept of the gas station will not only as a destination to fulfill the functional needs of refueling, but also become part of the supporting lifestyle of Indonesians, which is practical, as well as offering beyond fuel experience.
The launching of Pertamina's new look will be conducted on Friday, December 11, at 13.00 WIB in SPBU Pertamina COCO Lenteng Agung, Jalan Raya Lenteng Agung, Jakarta.


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