More Celebrities Connected to High-Class Prostitution

Damar Iradat    •    Jumat, 11 Dec 2015 23:35 WIB
  More Celebrities Connected to High-Class Prostitution
Umar Surya Fana (Photo: Antara/Asep Faturahman), Jakarta: Police revealed another prostitution case involving famous people. Celebrities with initial NM and PR were targeted by officials.
National Police's senior official, Umar Surya Fana confirmed the case. The two celebrities were captured while doing transaction in a hotel in Central Jakarta, Thursday (12/10/2015) night.
"The operation has started since three days ago. They were captured around 9.30 PM," said Umar on Friday (12/11/2015) early morning.
Besides the two celebrities, police also captured two pimps that were named as suspects in the case. "We captured suspects with initial O and F," he continued.
Umar explained F is the manager of the celebrities while O helps F to find customer. Both suspects were charged for human trafficking
NM and PR were questioned as witness. 
Umar explained both celebrities captured when they were waiting in hotel. Police confiscated mobile phone and bank receipt. "We are tracking the customers. we have picture of the customers that include high officials and businessmen," he concluded.