The Difference of Sumatran and American Coffee Farmers

Sri Yanti Nainggolan    •    Sabtu, 12 Dec 2015 00:20 WIB
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The Difference of Sumatran and American Coffee Farmers
Samosir Coffee (Photo: MTVN: Yanti N), Jakarta: Coffee roastmaster from the US, Nate Hrobak mentioned that there is a unique difference between Sumatran and American coffee. Hrobak has been exploring North America to try various types of coffee.
"When the coffee market in the States declines, then the coffee farmers loses a lot. Different with Indonesia, here coffee farmers plant not only coffee, but also other vegetables such as cabbages, tomatoes, chili, cassava, tobacco and many others," said Hrobak when met at the Caribou Coffee Jakarta.
It is what has made their plantation to sustain, as it does not depend on only one type of plant.
"Aside from that, farmers there also focuses on quality. Each year, the production is the same, but the quality did not decrease, as it even improves," added the coffee expert, Vanda Puspa.
Aside from that, coffee farmers in Sumatra only took qualified seeds and dry them with a different measure. They conducted double drying mechanism to develop the taste of coffee.
Another visible difference is the area covered by farmers in Sumatra. The land system there is similar to 'coffee garden', where the land is not vast, around half a hectare for one farmer. Lintong coffee, which is famous in North Sumatra, had not only came from one are of land, but from hundreds of farmers in the region. Meanwhile in Brazil, the land provided is exceptionally vast as it may supply huge amount of coffee seeds.