Govt Has Published 135 Deregulation Policies

Arif Wicaksono    •    Senin, 14 Dec 2015 16:43 WIB
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Govt Has Published 135 Deregulation Policies
Illustration (Photo: Antara Foto/Widodo S Jusuf), Jakarta: Based from the monitoring of the Presidential Staff Office, since the kick off at the beginning of September 2015, as many as 83 percent of the deregulation from the total Economic Package Policies I to VI have been completed, as the remaining are still in process. 
The Presidential Chief of Staff (KSP) Teten Masduki explained that 135 deregulations have been published or submitted to the Ministry of State Secretary to be Published. The remaining, at around 30 deregulations, are still in the completion process at the level of Ministry/Institution.
"So the economic package is according to plan. The Ministry continues to conduct changes and implement them. We, at the Presidential Staff Office, continue to monitor the development, progress and effect," mentioned Teten as quoted from the Secretary of the Cabinet webpage, Sunday (12/13/2015).
For the 135 completed deregulations, according to Teten, the Presidential Staff team and the Coordinating Ministry of Economy are to evaluate the effect on the economic growth of Indonesia.
He mentioned that within the planning process, the Coordinating Ministry and Ministry/Institution (K/L) have the full control over the process and content of each economic package. Therefore, the designing process was efficient and swift, although it involves many stakeholders.
According to him, the Coordinating Ministry of Economy set two deadlines to be followed by all K/L to complete the deregulation initially as all deregulation in the economic package policies are still conveyed by every related Ministry/Institution.
Teten Masduki explained that the economic policy package 1 to 6 involves 17 Ministries/Institutions. More than half of it (53 percent) is focused only on four Ministries, which are Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Cooperation and Small Businesses, Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Finance.
The deadlines mentioned are:
1. First deadline: October 31, 2015, which is the deadline to publish all Ministerial Decrees, Ministerial Regulation, Chief Regulation, as well as Circular Letter announced in the Economic Package.
2. Meanwhile the second deadline: Desember 31, 2015, is the deadline for the publication of all Government Regulation (within Package 1 to 6), as well as all Ministerial Decree, Ministerial Regulation, Chief Regulation and Circular Letter announced in the Economic Package 2 to 6.
Teten explained that the Government Regulation announced in the first to sixth packages have a longer deadline (Desember 31, 2015) as the type of deregulation is to be coordinated with the Minister of Legal and Human Rights, as well as the Ministry of State Secretary.
He mentioned that the KSP has been cooperating with the Coordinating Ministry of Economy since November to monitor two aspects of the economic policy packages:
1. Ensuring that the implementation (design and publishing) of deregulation is concluded prior to the designated time.
2. Measuring and analyzing the effect of economic packages on the economic growth of Indonesia.
"The measurement seems to be visible since next year (2016) as many deregulations are to be completed by the end of December 2015," Teten explained.


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