Setya Novanto Criticized for Reporting Metro TV to Police

Desi Angriani    •    Selasa, 15 Dec 2015 14:32 WIB
Setya Novanto Criticized for Reporting Metro TV to Police
Yanu Setiawan (Photo: MTVN/Desi Angriani), Jakarta: Metro TV Editor in chief Putra Nababan was reported to the police for defamation and IT Law violation. The law suit was filed by House of Representatives Speaker Setya Novanto yesterday.
Public Information Commission member, Yanu Setiawan said Metro TV doesn't make any violation considering 2008 Public Information Openness Law.
"What is the violation? I don't see it as violation," said Yanu to in Istana Negara, Jakarta (12/15/2015).
According to Yanu, every citizen has right to make report to police. However, Novanto's action is considered inappropiate because he should use right to answer.
"There is confirmation mechanism and right to answer that can be used. There is instrument for solution. If it is news, right to answer can be used," said Yanu.
Novanto through his lawyer, Razman Arif Nasution, reported Metro TV Editor in Chief Putra Nababan to police on Monday (12/14/2015). Putra was accused for defamation too Novanto.
"The defendant is Metro TV Editor in Chief for defamation. It is not Sudirman but Metro TV. IT Law and Criminal Code article 310 and 311," Razman said.
Razman said Metro TV tried to connect Novanto with amphibious plane purchase. Razman said Novanto doesn't has authority in the purchase. "That is the authority of Minister of Defense," he said.
According to Razman, the news is deliberately made to defame Novanto. Razman believed his client doesn't involve in amphibious plane purchase. Novanto asked Metro TV Editor in Chief to take responsibility.